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About Ogilvy Classic Cars

During his apprenticeship at Tore garage on the Black isle .Jonathan ogilvy formed an love of classic cars that has lasted .He has been restoring and maintaining them proffesionally and as an enthusiaste for over 25 years .He is based Grantown-on-spey.

Offering top quality restoration services for most makes and models including, welding and structural repairs.  Paintwork restoration and re-painting. mechanical repairs and rebuilding.Performance modifications. Oiling ,undersealing and  rust prevention.Servicing and maintenance .We undertake total restorations and rolling restoration work.

Our aim is to provide top quality workmanship and and value for money whatever the job and budget
We are open, honest and friendly. We like to keep owners well informed of all aspects of  their project and decision making

If you would like to chat about a project or are seeking advice please call Jonathan on 07786256061.

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